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Small Phenolic Adjustment Knob 2001-01

Bilbee Controls

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Small Phenolic Control Knob for adjustable type Bilbee controls
Specifically compatible with all adjustable B-200 Bilbee conduction type thermostats.

  • Mounting: Slide-on w/ Set-Screw
  • Material: Phenolic Plastic
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Base Diameter: .753" (Major)
  • Minor Diameter: .592"
  • Shaft Depth: .409"
  • Overall Height: .485"

This knob is compatible with all Bilbee Control's B200 thermostats. The knob features a brass insert for adjustment shaft mounting, and fastens with a simple set screw. The knobs construction is comprised of high temperature phenolic plastic that will not melt. The phenolic plastic is made of phenol formaldehyde resin which is a thermoset plastic. This material has been specifically selected so that the knobs you purchase from us are 100% compatible with your application.

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