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Model 560 Ulanet™ Immersion Heater

Model 560 Ulanet™ Immersion Heater


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Ideal for use within industrial or laboratory environments for heating compatible liquids. The heating coils are concentrated within the circular element located at the lower end of the device; By locating the heat source at the bottom of the tank prevents excess heat energy from escaping an open vessel.

  • 1" NPT threaded fitting
  • 5.5" inch heater element length
  • Supplied with a set thermostat at 190°F
  • 6' foot 3-wire cord set
  • Wattage ratings available: 500W, 1100W, 1500W (Select wattage below)
  • 115 VAC
  • T-316 Stainless Steel Sheath

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