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FM-344 Stainless Steel Probe (Immersion) Thermostat

FM-344 Stainless Steel Probe (Immersion) Thermostat


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The FM-344 SST'L (immersion) cartridge thermostat switches on or off an electrical circuit based on the temperature it senses. A calibration process is performed during the manufacturing process which sets the thermostat to the requested temperature. These FM Cartridge Thermostats are the only metal cartridge thermostat that can withstand mechanical clamping or pinching of the cartridge without effecting the set calibration.

Technical Specifications

  • 1/2" NPT Threads
  • Hex head
  • Probe length 2.25" inches
  • Polyvinyl insulated stranded copper wire
  • Epoxy sealed
  • Rated up to 1200W 115-230 VAC.
  • Standard set temp 70°F
  • Custom temperature setting between 35°F to 450°F (Specify Temp Below)